About Us

At Barista we love to make the customer feel thoroughly satisfied when they leave, our Pub gives an authentic Tanzanian service and provides you with a location whereby you can enjoy some pre drinks before you head out to the clubs or restaurants for the evening. If you choose to come and spend a little time at the Barista Pub and Grill then you will be pleasantly surprised that we also have an outdoor area where you and your friends can relax and smoke on our Hookah pipes. Along with this chilled out atmosphere we also offer a wide range of drinks ranging from local beer like “Kilimanjaro” to whiskeys and other spirits, this allows you to have a truly relaxed time when either having a discussion or watching sports on the projector. Here at the Barista Pub we try and cover all the bases to make you happy!  

Visiting Arusha?

If you want to get a clear idea of where our business is located then just check out this Google Map feature that provides an accurate depiction of where we are situated:


Our Pubs Location

Along with our premises looking trim, our location isn’t too bad either. Right now we are situated in the Njiro Complex just outside the centre of town. In this Complex there are many things to do and see, right down the the stairs and along the hallway there is a nice cinema where you can go and watch a movie after having a few drinks with us, you could even go and watch the movie first and then chill out for the rest night and listen to some of our highly rated music that we have on offer. if you want to get a taste of the music we are playing on a regular basis the check out the “Listen” page. 

More of Our Pub’s Attributes

Other attributes that we’ve considered for you are some simple practicalities such as being in the very close proximity of a bureau de change and being near enough to town so that you can enjoy the Tanzanian vibe, but not being as close as to be overrun by noise and pollution. We also provide a free wi-fi serivce which mean you could even come along and browse the internet for pleasure or for work related issues. Please check out some of our pictures and the comments at the bottom of each of the pages and you will  soon discover what we are up to on a day to day basis and what’s happening in the Njiro Complex.

Simplified Menu

  • Burgers 6,500 TSh
  • Pizza 12,000 TSh
  • Pasta 6,500 TSh  
  • Local beer – 3,000 TSh
  • Imported beer – 4,500 TSh
  • Vodka 2,500 TSh
  • Coke 1.500 Tsh   

We hope you can find time during your stay to come and have a few drinks and maybe a spot of lunch too. We greatly anticipate your arrival and please feel free to comment on our performance and keep us on our toes. 

From all the staff at Barista, we look forward to seeing you.